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              A solutions company.

              Paragon Products is a leading global innovator of electromechanical fluid management technologies for large diesel engine and heavy equipment applications for OEMs and end-users alike.

              For more than 25 years, we've been designing and manufacturing fluid control solutions that keep industry moving—products that deliver exceptional performance in the most demanding service environments, while reducing initial cost, down time, and total cost of ownership.

              Rail Industry
              An industry leader for more than 25 years, OEMs like GE and EMD and many rail operators trust Paragon with critical fluid management technologies.

              Large Diesel Engines
              The extraordinary performance of Paragon Products' rail solutions also benefits large diesel applications in a wide variety of industries. Paragon’s robust and maintenance-free products provide dependable and cost-effective service for the life of your equipment.

              Engine Lubrication
              Paragon’s products extend the life of your equipment. Whether it's pre-lubrication to protect vital engine parts at startup, continuous duty engine lubrication, or lubrication to cool down turbo bearings after shutdown, Paragon Products offers many off-the-shelf or custom-designed lubrication solutions.

              OEM Solutions

              Paragon Products' patented solutions can be adapted to meet an array of OEM challenges that are unique to diesel engine fuel transfer and lubrication applications...

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              Engineering Services

              World-class diesel engine manufacturers depend on Paragon specialists to provide exceptional expertise in fluid management engineering…

              read more

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